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Tin Plating and Its Applications

Explained somewhat basically, tin plating is an industrial process in which certain metals (both ferrous and non-ferrous) are coated with a very thin layer of tin metal. There are many base metals that can benefit from tin plating, though it is copper, steel, and iron that are used the most frequently.

Tin plating is designed to not only improve the durability and efficiency of the metals that it is used upon, but can also help to enhance the overall appearance of the metal and make it more aesthetically pleasing. This is due to the fact that tin plating provides oxidation protection, meaning that any exposure to air is far less likely to tarnish the surface of the objects it is applied to.

Once a (base) metal has been coated with tin, the metal in question will then often be referred to as ‘tinplate’. Many electronics components benefit from tin plating, but one of the more common applications for tin plating is actually in the production of food containers. You almost certainly have tinplate in your food cupboards right now, as tin plating is commonly used to form the coating of metal food cans, colloquially referred to as “tins”. It is perfect for this due to its non-toxic and corrosion-resistant properties.

What Are the Benefits of Tin Plating?

Some of the primary benefits associated with tin plating include:

  • Excellent contact resistance
  • Aesthetic benefits
  • Non toxic
  • Enhanced durability
  • Not easily oxidised in air
  • Very cost efficient
  • Fantastic solderability
  • Great conduction properties

Which Industries Can Benefit the Most from Tin Plating?

In reality, tin plating can be applied to most industries, which is one of the reasons why it is so popular. The conductive properties that the process helps to add ensure that it is commonly used within the electrical and electro-mechanical industries, however, hardware industries, medicine, marine, the food industry, and even solar industries can benefit from tin plating.

Electroless Nickel Plating

The electroless nickel plating process is a high quality, cost effective solution for coating metals such as mild or stainless steel.

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Diffused Nickel Plating

The simple process of diffused nickel plating is the most effective coating to ensure the highest levels of corrosion resistance.

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SeaTEC 100 Marine Corrosion Prevention

SeaTEC100 is a cost-effective way of extending the life of mild-steel operating in marine environments.

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Ni-PTFE Self Lubricating Coating

Nitec's specially developed Ni-PTFE self lubricating corrosion resistant coating is perfect for sliding wear applications.

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Copper Plating

NiTEC offers a copper plating service that is suitable for both functional and decorative purposes.

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NiTEC has the capacity to shotblast components of up to 20 tonnes in weight.

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Heat Treatment

The heat treatment solutions at NiTEC can be used for stress relieving and de-embrittlement as both pre-plate and post-plate treatments.

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Aqua Blasting

Aqua blasting is a wet blasting process that's perfect for gently removing surface dirt and grime from metal components.

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Nickel Boron Plating

Nickel boron plating is a good alternative to chrome for coating a variety of steels to enhance corrosion resistance.

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Case Studies

From corrosion resistance for oil pipes to plating vacuum chambers, our electroless nickel plating is second to none.

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NiTEC is committed to the highest levels of quality and standards.

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From marine to mining, gardens to artwork, we've got your surface technology needs covered.

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Special Projects

NiTEC have many years' experience working with special projects; from art installations to architectural features.

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Technical Information

As the deposit formed by electroless nickel plating is based on a chemical reaction, the dispersion of the deposit is equal over part, regardless of shape.

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Marine corrosion resistance product, SeaTEC 100 - corrosion resistant coating

Corrosion resistant coating withstanding salt-spray conditions for at least 3 and a half years

NiTEC's SeaTEC 100 provides unprecedented corrosion resistance extending the life of components and reducing maintenance costs.

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Surface Technology

Electroless Nickel Plating - wear and corrosion resistance, cost-effective and wear resistance - find out more about our Nickel Plating services

Diffused Nickel Plating - the gold standard in corrosion resistance - great for a marine environment - find out more about our Diffused Nickel Plating services

SeaTEC 100 - increases the longevity of components in subsea environments reducing maintenance costs and increasing strength of components - find out more about SeaTEC 100

Copper plating - an excellent conductor providing EMI (Electro Magnetic Interference) and RFI (Radio Frequency Interference) shielding - find out more about Copper Plating

Shotblasting and Heat Treatment - thorough surface preparation is acheived using Shotblasting and Heat Treatment in addition to the standard chemical cleaning and activation process - find out more

Special Projects - Electroless Nickel Plating has been used in many special projects throughout the world where corrosion resistance is required such as art installation and archictectural application - find out more about special projects

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